Everything you want to know about AceCardGames. Got another question? Please contact me.

Who created this?

These games have been created by me (Maurits van der Schee) in 2003. My brother, Joost van der Schee, made the website design and you can find more of his work on usecue.com.

How long does this exist?

This collection of 12 card games is online since 2003.

Does it work on mobile?

The first version from 2003 did not work on mobile devices, as it was using Flash. However, the games have been rewritting in Javascript in 2017. The website has been made (fully) responsive in 2021.

What technique did you use?

I originally wrote them in ActionScript 2 for the Motion-Twin ActionScript Compiler (MTASC). In 2009 I rewrote them in ActionScript 3 for the Flex 3 open source SDK. In 2017 I rewrote the games again in JavaScript and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). In 2023 the games were rewritten in TypeScript.

Can I link freely to this website?

Yes, please. Links will help me build a better page rank.

Can I embed these games on my website?

If you want to place one of these solitaire card games on your website, please contact me!

What about the artwork?

All graphics are vector based and drawn by me.

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